Passive Profits Driven By Real Assets

Invest In The $1.2 Trillion short - term rental market without the headache of ownership , expect a passive profits driven by real assets, ambit energy capitals connects investors with potential passive profits by combining industry leading tech and real assets.We’re paving the path to headache-free profits through stock real assets . Watch and see how we transform real assets to bring investors potential passive profits, the advice we offer through our network of investment advisers is your biggest advantage in achieving your Stock investment goals.

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Working with our clients revolves around a clear investment strategy and a disciplined approach. Our goal is to educate, provide best practice portfolio management and to help investors think about their own situation from a new perspective.


A customised portfolio of investments will be designed for you, focused on your investment objectives. We combine a wealth of knowledge from our advisers, with our firm's research expertise, resources and capabilities.


We offer two Premium Services: Discretionary Investment Management Service (DIMS) and Managed Portfolio Service (MPS). Both services offer a customised approach to your investment portfolio. Ultimately, it comes down to the level of ongoing involvement you would like. With both services, you will receive a tailored investment strategy that is customised to your investment objectives and your appetite for risk. This can be based on our best practice portfolio framework or managed to a specific mandate. With both services, your adviser will provide you with ongoing, tailored advice underpinned by our expert research team. You can be confident that the advice you receive or the decisions that are made are based on thorough analysis. These services are available to both existing and new clients who have $50,000 or more to invest.



Initial meeting to discuss your investment needs and outline our services. We will then establish your situation and objectives.


Your adviser administers your portfolio for you, based on the agreed strategy. They make timely decisions as suitable opportunities arise. .


Your adviser manages your portfolio based on your objectives, but you must agree before any decisions can be made or recommendations can be acted upon.


We analyse and assess your financial objectives and risk profile. We then develop personalised recommendations and present these to you.


Once you're happy with the strategy, we implement the portfolio, usually in instalments over a period of time.


You will receive regular reports from your adviser to keep you informed about your investment. These are prepared quarterly and annually.


The most up-to-date lists of investments you should consider for your portfolio.

Reclaiming The Edge In Real Estate Investing

Our proprietary AI generates properties that are the best investment opportunities on the market. Our ambit energy capitals scores thousands of properties from the wholesale market based on dozens of factors. It predicts the viability of each property for the short-term rental market as well as the projected long-term value. We select and approve the properties with the highest scores, then list them on ambit energy capitals digital market

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Business Principles

Our people are guided by our business principles, and our strategies operate according to our unifying investment philosophy.

Market Research

Our research revolves around enumerating the elements required for success and identifying investment candidates through which we seek to satisfy those requirements.


Our goal is excellence in investing. To us, this means achieving attractive returns without commensurate risk.

Ethical Personnel

A harmonious workplace and a spirit of cooperation are indispensable; personnel turnover, office politics and unhealthy competition are to be guarded against.

Common Interests

To achieve commonality of interests with our clients, we pay strict attention to potential conflicts of interests, avoiding them if possible and dealing fairly with them if not.

Client Communication

Communication with clients must meet their needs and strengthen our relationships with them. We want every client to thoroughly understand our philosophy, approach, actions and results.


Our firm’s profitability must stem from doing all of the above. ambit energy capitals is run for the benefit of its clients and their constituencies, as well as for its owners and employees.

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As a firm we regularly evaluate how we can best incorporate ESG considerations into our investment process to conscientiously invest on behalf of our clients.

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